The Plains of Eternitica is the group on Whirled that it was created on. Plains of Eternitica is a Role Plating group consisiting on only a few members, but is expected to grow.

It is set out in my own little realm of the many Role Playing group in whirled like, Spellfyre Academy, and Recently updated, The Archives. My realm is Eternitica. It is a beautiful, lush green continent, with many of rare and unknown species of creatures. Some say Eternitica is a myth, because it is always hidden in between two giant masses of ocean. But, many people believed, and went to try to visit it. When they saw what was there, they never went back to their old realm continents, and made a life in Eternitica. Today, everything in Eternitica is valuble in other realms. Eternitica's most basic weapon, is the most powerful in some realms.

Eternitica is said to be an extremely rich realm continent, and it is, with their currency being worth more than valuble gems.

You don't see many Eterniticans in the other realm continents, but I am sure that you will eventually see one...

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